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Kasich’s JobsOhio vs. 1994’s Contract With America

NBC4’s Colleen Marshall interviewed the then-Congressman John Kasich in 1994 about the Contract with America initiative. How closely does the previous plan mirror Kasich’s JobsOhio plan for Ohio?

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We Can’t Give it Away

We’re trying to let candidates speak for themselves. But it has been harder than you might think.

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NBC 4/ SurveyUSA Poll Puts Kasich, Portman Ahead

A new NBC 4/ Survey USA poll finds Ohioans may vote for change.

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From Popularity To Joblessness, How Politicos Play the Numbers Game

Democrats want you to know something. You are better off in Ohio than in Michigan if you want to be gainfully employed.  Republicans want you to know something, too.  If you like getting a paycheck, you are better off in West Virginia right now than in the Buckeye State.

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“The Spectrum” Moves To New Time On NBC 4

NBC 4 is moving the locally-produced political news program, “The Spectrum,” hosted by Colleen Marshall, to Sundays at 10 a.m. beginning this Sunday, July 11.

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The Politics Of Gender

Hillary Clinton. Sonia Sotomayor. Condoleezza Rice. Oprah.  Names that engender images of strength and power.  No matter what your party or your politics, you recognize in these women intelligence and success.  In the competitive worlds of politics, the law, and the media they are leaders.  So, why does that mean they are also labeled “unfeminine” or “unwomanly”?  Why do we have to hear jokes about Hillary’s pantsuits, and not-so-veiled whisperings about Oprah and Gayle – and what kind of relationship they really have?

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The Webs Site Where You Make the Budget Cuts

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor and his Republican colleagues want some help in cutting the federal budget. Now they have website where you can vote for some of the proposed programs on the chopping block. But is the site just a political stunt?

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What You’re Reading and What it Might Say About You

Slate has an interesting article and a quick test that checks the websites you visit to show where your reading list fits on the political spectrum.

Read the article and then comment on the test.

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Photoshop Me ... Please

Technology is causing a stir in the battle to determine who will represent Ohio’s 15th District in Congress.  Not tweeting or spamming – but photo-shopping.

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Money Talks and So Does a Campaign Manager

With less than two weeks to go before Ohio Democrats decide who they will put up against Republican Rob Portman in the race for U.S. Senate this fall, Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner released their campaign finance reports.  But, before reporters had time to analyze the reports, each camp weighed-in on the others’ coffers.

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Campaign Cash Explosion

It is likely to be the most expensive race for governor in Ohio history. With six months to go until Election Day, Governor Ted Strickland and Republican candidate John Kasich have plenty of cash.

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Casino Campaign: Why Do I Care If I Don’t Live in Columbus?

State Issue 2 will move a casino planned for the Arena District to the west side of Columbus. Everyone in the state will get a chance to tweak the state constitution one more time. But if you live in Cleveland or Cincinnati, why should you care?

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Test Your Political IQ

We found a fun quiz from the Pew Research center—not only will it test your political IQ—it will also tell you how you rank with the rest of the country. What’s not to like?

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Welcome To The Spectrum!

Red State, Blue State, right or left, Republican or Democrat.

Few of us fit into one simple category in Ohio. We’re all over the political spectrum.

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